We Are Straight Allies needs your help!  We are seeking funding to find even more allies like you, in the state of Florida, in order to gain majority support for the passage of a comprehensive protections for the LGBT community against discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodation.

Make a financial contribution in any amount to support the campaign. Your contribution is tax-deductible. Your support will enable us to run the campaign in local, regional and national print publications, create additional marketing materials such as postcards and posters and offer Straight Ally educational workshops to our community.


Advocate Level contributions are for individuals wanting to support We Are Straight Allies.

Red Advocate $25
Red Advocate $25
Orange Advocate $50
Orange Advocate $50
Yellow Advocate $75
Yellow Advocate $75
Green Advocate $100
Green Advocate $100
Blue Advocate $250
Blue Advocate $250
Advocate Purple
Purple Advocate $500

Straight Ally

You can also choose your own level of contribution to support We Are Straight Allies.



Champion Level contributions are for companies wanting to support We Are Straight Allies.  We are proud to showcase the following organizations as champions for equality in the Jacksonville community:

Diamond Champion

Diamond Champion

Platinum Champion

If your company is interested in sponsoring the We Are Straight Allies movement, please send us an email for more information:

We Are Straight Allies

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