We’d like to thank the following partners for their contributions to the We Are Allies campaign and community initiatives:

Diamond Champion

Diamond Champion

Diamond Champion

Diamond Champion

Platinum Champion

Platinum Champion
Bronze ChampionBronze Champion


BG Logo black

JASMYN 20th Square Logo


We encourage you to check out some of the other amazing organizations leading the charge for equality in collaboration with our LGBTQ community.  While each is different, we are united for one common cause.

1396906_725858087442367_1202597752_o       litejazz_logo        PFLAG


StraightForEquality10791_485415254857094_1479110580_n  39015_416525061370_4873101_n


hrc-logo   188718_10151151227566990_480800952_a




NBJC_omega_logo   cse_web_banner_2


__cityXtra Logo REV-2___________    logo_hp


vf_li_logo 20573_485498885092_6666816_n   athleteally


36210_10150223383765156_2255767_n   allycoalition390415_123764414399693_860359587_n


217357_10150153931441324_2644415_n      301855_10150659325664123_2048607830_n     logo     

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