Workplace Allies


According to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), among Fortune 500 companies, 89-percent have sexual orientation non-discrimination policies and 66-percent have gender identity non-discrimination policies.  Additionally, more than 90 companies have joined the Business Coalition for Workplace Fairness, a group of leading U.S. employers that support the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. A recent poll by Small Business Majority shows two-thirds of small business owners support a federal law prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ workers and job applicants.

LGBTQ Equality is good for business.

Increasingly, more employers are beginning to understand that diversity brings the skills, perspective and other assets that are essential to establishing a competitive workforce. Continued lack of support for the passage of comprehensive, non-discrimination protections could prevent the most qualified job candidates from considering employment and cause others to view our company as “behind the curve” or close-minded.

Sponsors of We Are Allies will make Community Engagement and passage of comprehensive, non-discrimination protections possible.

In addition to being recognized for your generosity throughout the duration of the campaign, Sponsors will receive recognition and logo placement on our website, social media, merchandise, as well as access to all related programs and opportunities to speak at workshops and related events.

Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 10.01.56 AM

Our creative team needs your help in extending the reach of this critical campaign. Contact us today to find out how your company can help move equality forward!

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