Ally Profile: Luis “Louie” Lopez

My name is Louie Lopez.  I’m originally from Los Angeles and was a Jockey in my younger years.  Because of constant starvation, I decided to walk away from my Horse Racing career and joined the Navy, which landed me in Jacksonville.  In 1990, I married for the first time and from that marriage came two wonderful sons; John David and Curren.  I longed for a daughter, but was blessed with my boys.

John David, being the oldest, gave me visions of grandchildren and granddaughters.  At a very early age John was not interested in toy cars or any thing of that sort. His mother and I recognized during that period that John’s interest were different.  At the age of four, when John made his Christmas list, he specifically asked for an “Easy Bake” oven.   Of course, Santa granted his wish. In the meantime, his younger sibling, Curren, was involved in skateboarding, surfing and all the benefits that living at the beach offers.

By the time John was twelve, we were convinced he might be gay and were always conscientious to let John know we were accepting, if that was the case.  John would never come out and say he was gay to me, and it baffled me since I had seen pictures of him in women’s clothing and makeup.  To my lack of understanding, John did finally come out. But he came out to me as a Transgendered young adult and preferred we call her Nina.  In Nina’s (John) eyes, she was never gay, but someone who has felt, and viewed herself, as a girl at a very early age!

I personally have seen some of the rejection, prejudice and taunts my daughter has experienced.  As a parent, I can be hurt by someone, but if it happens to my children it slices like a dagger every time.  The irony is, I always wanted a daughter and a son, and in the end it looks like that is who I have been given.

My second wife, Suzanne, and I will continue to love and support our adult children, and support Nina in the journey she is on.

My hope is for people will take the time to understand and not judge because everything is not always what it seems to be.

Luis Lopez


6 thoughts on “Ally Profile: Luis “Louie” Lopez”

  1. I am so happy for you and Nina, Louie! You exemplify what it is to be a parent by offering unconditional love and support. I join you in supporting Nina with love (and the entire family!) and best wishes for health and happiness.

  2. What an absolute, wonderful story. The support that has been given to you by your father in very uncommon. I haven’t heard of a father yet that wants to accept that his son is gay or has a son who sees himself as a girl and desires to make the necessary changes to become what he feels he is supposed to be. My hat is off to you Mr. Louie and even though we have not met I will always respect you as a man, a loving father, a supportive father, as well as an unconditional love for your child. That is the very example that ALL parents should follow. Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate and sharing this story. I love you NIna!

  3. I love you both very much and I support your journey. You are true examples of strength and courage!

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