Frieda Saraga, PFLAG Jacksonville

Frieda Saraga, Trailblazer and Mother of five children — all adults one gay son, two twin daughters who are lesbian and a son and daughter who are straight — shares how they all love one another very much and supportive of one another and why it is important that we pass a comprehensive Human Rights Ordinance in the city of Jacksonville.

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One thought on “Frieda Saraga, PFLAG Jacksonville”

  1. Hello Freda,

    I am not sure that I even have the right Freda Saraga but I am going to give a try anyway.
    I am the sister of a person that might have passed through your organizational efforts in 1990 ish. My brother, Donald A Wood, crossed over September 23, 1994. On several occasions as I would care for him his last year or so he would take me to one of your gatherings and we would join the discussion or dinner. I can’t say I really remember anyone but more the experience of a group that embraced Donald (Don). In so many ways his heart was full because of your efforts.
    Always, because of Donald, the efforts of LGBT community are on my heart. When “Orlando” surfaced I wanted to reach out to you and those you can touch by letting you know that you are in our hearts and prayers. Please pass it on where you can and know that your efforts to support my brother have never been forgotten.

    Take care of each other.

    Love & Light,

    Jonella (Wood) Bachman

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