Image Wizard: Dan Bagan

The wisdom to recognize that forces of nature have collided with culture and that nature is not a decision.  Make no mistake; standing on sidelines as a witness to the inhumanity that is faced by the LGBT community is a decision and our collective failure as a society.

I am a Straight Ally so that another child is not forced to decide between hiding or retribution.  Humanity is a decision to accept what we might not understand.

Dan Bagan tells stories with  photographs, design and video.  He has been recognized for his powerful imagery that is a signature of his work.  He has created successful commercial campaigns for corporations,  practices and individuals  that reach their audience and deliver their message.  Behind his easy manner is a passion for his art and a drive to capture and tell a story.  Dan has leveraged his experience as a executive and a marketing consultant  to understand his audience and create images that move people.

Dan’s distinctive portraits and images  capture a moment  and have become the mark of campaigns, album covers and fine art photography.

Dan founded Bagan & Company more than 20 years ago as a marketing and consulting firm and today it has evolved into iAugiStudios a creative agency  that produces the highest quality visual media.  iAugiStudios is a creator and purveyor of NEW MEDIA designed to be shared through on a wide range of devices in a way that generates interactive user feedback.

Dan has been recognized for sharing his skills in support of the arts and the community using  his creative force  for the greater good .  His natural curiosity about his subjects and an instinctive approach to “the process”  has produced a body of work that stands as a testament to his creativity.

From an  early age Dan has had and eye and  been intrigued by visual imagery and driven to create . Dan and his iAugiStudios are  based in St Augustine, Florida.

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